Why should you consider an FE College teaching job?

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Why should you consider an FE College teaching job?

If you have never worked in Further Education, there are a number of reasons why you should consider applying for an FE College teaching job. TeachInFE looks at just some of these reasons. 


Further Education is typically less well-known and less understood than other education areas. However, it is one of the most diverse and exciting areas within the education sector. Whether you are a teacher in a Primary or Secondary school looking for a change or have never taught before, there are several reasons for you to consider taking an FE College teaching job.

The Varied Locations…
Overall, there are more than 350 FE Colleges, specialist schools and sixth forms across the country and approximately 730 external providers of Further Education courses. This offers a huge amount of variety in terms of job location, employer and work environment. Colleges and providers range hugely in size, specialism, values and more, giving you the unique luxury to choose the job and College that is right for you.

The Choice of Subjects to Teach…
Further Education covers a wide range of subjects from academic subjects, such as History or Maths, to vocational subjects such as Construction or Catering, to areas you may never have realised you could teach, like Dog Grooming or Cake Decoration. Some Colleges are dedicated purely to land-based subjects or sports. Whichever specialism your expertise lies in, teaching in FE gives you the opportunity to be creative and pass on your passion to your students.

The Flexibility…
If you are looking for either a new teaching career or a new career in general, but aren’t looking for anything full time, FE gives you this flexibility. There are a number of FE College teaching jobs that are part time, sessional, temporary or hourly. You can choose a career that fits in with other aspects of your life.

The Opportunities for Progression…
Within each specialism there are also different levels, ranging from Tutors and Lecturers to Curriculum Managers and Head of Departments. This provides vast opportunities to develop your career. Training is usually consistently offered to encourage the development of new skills. If you have not previously worked as a teacher, there is also an opportunity to gain your teaching qualifications on the job.

The Number of Personal Benefits…
There are a number of benefits to any FE College teaching job. Most providers offer an annual pension, a competitive salary and generous annual leave. Other benefits can vary, but usually involve staff discounts for on-site facilities (including gyms, restaurants, beauty salons and more), family friendly policies, child care vouchers, cycle to work schemes and many more. Perhaps the most important benefit is the impact that you can have on your students. Due to the largely vocational nature of subjects within Further Education, students are usually pursuing a career that they are passionate about. Through your teaching, they are able to take their first steps on this path and achieve their goals.

The Working Environment…
Not only are you working within a sector that positively promotes change and achievement by supporting people to gain the skills and qualifications they need, the sector also offers a number of opportunities for teamwork, diversity and excitement. Your colleagues will be a fantastic group of teaching staff that are knowledgeable and passionate about their subject. You will also be working alongside and teaching people from a diverse range of backgrounds giving you a chance to adjust your teaching and working style, and develop both personally and professionally. Students can range from age 14 to adults giving you a wide spectrum of ages to choose from and work with.

There is no denying that it really is an exciting time to work within Further Education. The FE sector is constantly evolving. With Brexit around the corner and talks already underway, the FE sector could play a major role in developing the skills needed to manage any changes it may bring. If you want to work in a sector that it is at the forefront of change, has a positive impact on the lives of others and gives you the chance to develop both internally and externally, then an FE College teaching job is definitely for you.

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