Prepare for an Interview in Further Education Colleges

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How to prepare for an interview in Further Education Colleges…

So, you’ve done the initial application and perhaps some tests as part of your application, but now you’ve got the interview at your chosen College.


Interviews can be nerve wracking experiences. No one ever really knows what to expect when they go for an interview because every single one is different. However, there are some simple things that you can do before every interview to make sure you are well prepared.


  1. Research the College and the role before you go to the interview to show that you are keen and can tailor your responses to their questions to this specific role. Research things like current trends in the FE sector, their students and staff, their size, their mission and their competitors.
  2. Look over your CV and application. Make sure you know what you have written and are able to answer questions on it. If there are any gaps in your CV then consider ways that you will explain these.
  3. Think of some potential questions they might ask you and think about how you might answer them.
  4. Think of some questions that you can ask at the end of the interview. There is nothing worse than finishing the interview with nothing to say. Asking questions will also make you look interested and engaged in the College and role.
  5. Check ahead with the Further Education College to see if you need to prepare a lesson or a micro-teaching session. Make sure that you have all the resources and facts that you might need for your lesson.
  6. Check the date, time, address and name of the person interviewing you. There would be nothing more annoying than turning up a day late, or at the wrong time or in the wrong place. Write these things down if it helps you to remember them and if you have time, you could do a practice run of the journey the day before.
  7. Pack your bag the night before. Remember to include copies of your CV, the College address written down, a bottle of water, money, mobile phone, pen and anything else you may need.
  8. Choose what you are going to wear the day before to prevent any last minute panics. Make sure that you look smart and comfortable. Further Education Colleges often have a set expectation for outfits so make sure you research ahead.
  9. Try to get plenty of sleep the night before and eat a good breakfast the next morning so that you’re ready for the big day ahead.
  10. Allow plenty of time to get to your interview. There is nothing worse than arriving stressed, sweaty and out of breath because you had to rush there. If you can’t avoid being late, make sure to let your interviewer know as soon as possible so that they can rearrange their time. If you get there very early, try not to go in until ten or fifteen minutes before. If you arrive too early this could rush your interviewer and make them feel stressed. Find somewhere to sit and wait until it is appropriate to go in.

Take a deep breath before you go in if you need to and remember to smile!

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