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Rachel - Teaching in Further Education


Rachel is the Deputy Head of Department for Hair, Beauty, Spa and Complementary Therapy at Cardiff and Vale College. TeachInFE spoke to her about her experience of teaching in Further Education so far.

Posted on Friday Sep 8


TeachInFE spoke to Kirsty Park, Head of Curriculum for Hair and Beauty at Newcastle College. She shares her career journey from teacher to Head of Department and offers her advice to people thinking of joining the sector.

Posted on Monday Aug 21


Maths teacher, Samuel Winter, always wanted to teach, but started teaching in FE by chance. TeachInFE spoke to him to learn how he got involved, what his career highlights have been and how he manages any challenges.

Posted on Monday Aug 7


Have you ever wondered what ESOL is and what it is like to teach it? TeachInFE spoke to Mark, an ESOL teacher at Salford City College, about what teaching ESOL involves, how he started teaching in Further Education and shares his advice for teachers thinking of joining the sector.

Posted on Wednesday Jul 19


Carolyn is a Child, Health, Social Care and English teacher at Blackpool and Fylde College who has been teaching in Further Education for almost a decade. She shares her top ten tips that have helped her over the years. 

Posted on Wednesday Jul 5

Tim Jacklin - Head of Aviation at Newcastle College


TeachInFE asked Tim Jacklin, Head of Aviation at Newcastle College, to share his team’s experiences prior to their FE College teaching jobs to show the importance of vocational experience for Further Education teachers. 

Posted on Monday Jun 19

Ava Lux and Adult Education Team


Ava Lux works as an Adult English Teacher as part of the Community and Work Based Learning Team at Salford City College. Having gained her teaching qualifications as an adult, she discusses becoming a teacher whilst raising a family and explains why adult education is so important.

Posted on Friday Jun 9

Ann Gravells - FE Consultant


FE Consultant, Ann Gravells, stumbled upon working in Further Education by chance. We spoke to her about training whilst teaching, to find out what advice she would give to new teachers. 

Posted on Tuesday Apr 25

Enda McBrien - Plumbing Lecturer, Reading College


Have you ever thought about teaching a vocational FE subject, but wondered how to get involved or what it would really be like? One Plumbing Lecturer shared his experiences with us. 

Posted on Thursday Apr 13

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