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FE Teaching Careers 

Further Education teaching jobs suit creative, passionate individuals that are dedicated to making a real difference.

FE teaching careers are an exciting and rewarding experience. Teaching careers in the sector broadly fall into one of three areas: 

  • Vocational Teacher / Lecturer Careers (Horticulture, Hair and Beauty, Construction...)
  • Academic Teacher / Lecturer Careers (History, Geography, Science...)
  • Basic Skills Teacher / Lecturer Careers (Employability, Maths, English...)

Vocational Teacher / Lecturer: You are expected to be a ‘dual professional’.  FE teaching jobs require that you are both an expert in your own vocational area and an expert at teaching. You would therefore be expected to hold qualifications and/or experience in your particular area and have, or be willing to gain, a teaching qualification.

Academic Teacher / Lecturer: To start an academic teaching career you would likewise be expected to have a qualification in the subject you teach and a teaching qualification or willingness to get one.

Basic Skills Teacher / Lecturer: For Further Education teaching careers in this area, you would usually be expected to have some particular experience with and/or qualifications in dealing with the specific group you intend to teach, such as literacy or numeracy, alongside a teaching qualification or willingness to get one.  

Teaching Support (Assessors, Learning Support Assistants, Technicians): Teaching support staff are vital to ensure that classes run smoothly and that students and staff get the support they require to enhance and enable quality learning, often experience is the most desirable attribute, rather than qualifications.  In relation to Assessors, a number of qualifications offered by colleges require assessment, in colleges and on employer premises, rather than formal teaching, assessing qualifications and vocational experience will likely be required.

Community Learning Tutor (for short leisure courses): A number of FE colleges also provide their local communities with leisure courses, which are more informal and run over a few weeks.  Tutors for these courses will need experience of their subject, but may not always be required to have a teaching qualification.

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