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How to prepare for an interview in Further Education Colleges…

Posted on Friday Nov 18
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Here are 10 great reasons for you to get into Further Education Teaching now!
Posted on Friday Nov 18

Nescot - Staff Employees


Nescot, in the heart of Surrey, is a top Further Education College with fantastic staff. Some of the staff took the time out to explain just why Nescot is such an exciting place to work...


Posted on Tuesday Oct 25



At Nescot, the mission is to inspire our students to be the best that they can be. In light of this, we look at what the students had to say about this FE College in the heart of Surrey...


Posted on Thursday Sep 29


After completing a Barbering course in HMP Leyhill's education department,  run by Weston College, 'Chris' working at a local salon in his home town of Exeter.


Posted on Friday Apr 15


An individual prisoners' experience of Offender Learning in the UK.

Posted on Wednesday Aug 5

 The first in a series on current employees in UK prisons, focusing on a Music Technology  teacher.


Posted on Tuesday Jun 30

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